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07 enero 2008

Vista Folders

Vista Folders

Want to feel the "Clarity" of Windows Vista on your Windows, then clean up with these folder icons.

90 icons to transform your tired old XP (or earlier) folders in to tomorrows Vista.
The icons range from files to programs to system based properties.
Including: Visual Styles, Firefox, Adobe CS2 Assorted, Thunderbird, Security, Themes, Icons, MSN, Quicktime, Macromedia assorted (Dreamweaver etc), Games (NFSMW, GTA SA), Pictures, Music, Mobile, Iso and Uploads/Downloads. Just to name a few!!

Format: Icon file format (.ico)
Sizes: 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16x pixels
Icons (#): 90


Also see Vista Folders 2 and Vista Folders 3



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