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16 enero 2008

Apple Live Messenger


Makes your Live Messenger 8.5 or 9.0 look like an Apple Live Messenger (Great with 9.0, considering the way it’s designed) You need Windows Live Mesenger 8.5 or 9.0, and WIndows Messenger Plus! Live Version 4.5 or newer. (Screen Shots of the skin, and more of Messenger Beta here) It looks very nice

Top Part where Program Name is says “Apple Live Messenger,” or if using 9.0, “Apple Live Messenger BETA”
Panther-Leopard Metal Brush look
Aqua log-on interface
Aqua Scroll Bars
Mac Icons and no text where words like “Add Contact” and “Activites” would be
Supports Messenger 9.0 Features
Supports the Handwriting tool

Creador : MacPanther
Tamako : 720KB



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